Wednesday, 7 March 2012


Alright, I got to tell you something. When you're in the Netherlands you smoke a lot of weed. Cannabis, marijuana, hashish. Because it's so available. So much, that I don't even remember all the different strains. And so much, that I've decided not to smoke weed this month. Which is part of the reason I'm even posting right now, 'cause weed does make you passive. I'm just saying. It's very difficult to write Coffeeshop Diaries under the influence of sweet, sweet Mary Jane.

I will provide you with some detailed evaluations of different strains now that I'm sobering up. It's really much easier this way. So:

Powerplant: 4/5, really awesome, your best bet on medium priced weed.
Amnesia: 5/5, expensive but worth all the money
White Widow: 5/5, the best one around, hands down.

So these are what you should be looking for. I'll go into more detail with other strains at some point but for now, I'm going to talk about TV.

Dutch television is great if you compare it to Finnish television. There's Comedy Central, there's National Geographic, there's CNN. All the best channels you don't see in Finland. But I must say, smoking a lot of weed correlates with watching tv. That's why for the first time in nine months I've not opened my tv, even for the morning news. I might just drag it back behind my wardrobe where I found it, as I don't have any use for it.

But don't be afraid, I'm a stoner, so it is inevitable that I'll start smoking weed again. Right now, I'm just taking a break to increase my productivity. It's a good thing to do every once in a while I think. So go for it, if you ever feel like it. If you just stop toking for a while doesn't mean that you would start hating marijuana, quite on the contrary.

This might just be everything I wanted to say for now, do stay tuned for the time I start blabbering about all the different kinds of awesome herb they sell over here.

Oh, by the way, it's bullshit that coffeeshops would've stopped selling to foreigners. At least here in the north. Come by and visit, it's going to blow your mind if it hasn't already.