Tuesday, 25 January 2011


Thai (skunk, probably) was a low-grade weed I bought from an artsy and hip coffeeshop called Metamorphose, which I will describe in greater detail in a later post. The price was extremely cheap, as expected, with only 10€/2g if I remember correctly. I had the intention of buying something natural, mild, and cheap, as I was a little cautious after The Clown and knowing that Dutch cannabis is the shit. What I got shall be described by this picture:


I had recently made acquaintance with this guy, so we had a smoke at his place with his roommate with my brand new pipe we named 'Longbow'. The weed was thick and hard, like chopped wood and it was a pain in the ass to grind it down without a grinder. We smoked a bowl and were quite taken aback by it's mild quality. The weed was also rather harsh on the throat but we managed to finish the bowl. Probably, as it didn't burn so well and was extinguished after a while.

It wasn't quite like this.

The weed gave us a mellow buzz, good for a nice chat and some easy-listening music. It didn't get us far, even after smoking more bowls so we mixed it with some hash and enjoyed a relaxed evening. All in all, Thai wasn't too good. The form was hard, the smoke was harsh, and the effects were so mild you could actually use it as a blender. One out of five, a waste of the small amount of money you put in it.

Thai (weed):
Stoned, non-body
Overall: 1/5
Price: 4/5
Strength: 1/5
Mind: 1/5
Body: 1/5


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  5. well that sucks, at least you can walk into a store and buy weed anytime haha

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  7. Chris: my thoughts exactly when I bought the Thai, now I'm way too used to coffeeshops to think of it as abnormal.