Friday, 7 October 2011


Hello again, my fellow red-eyed munchkins. I return yet again to the glorious land of nether (Netherlands) to educate you on the grass on this side of the border/ocean/whatever.

Just look at that. Just, just look at that white Goddess.

Amnesia is one of the most rare weeds in this town, and by far one of the greatest too. With a whopping price of 12€/gram you’ll definitely want to go with at least a dimebag. (That’s the correct term for a bag of weed for a tenner, right? I’m too lazy to check.) I found this gem at the Metamorphose coffee shop, which has recently become my favorite one, and made a plan to report the quality of this product in almost real time. That is, I’m going to spark that dank on my ol’ faithful Longbow and write this report under the influence, updating it on the go.

This is what I hope it's not going to be like.

Wish me luck.

Okay, first three rips down, and I’m still able to write. That’s good. I put Comedy Central on, and I’m definitely high. Yep. Stoooned. Family Guy’s on, it suits the mood. I think I wouldn’t be able to do much else than sit on this couch and watch TV. And write. I feel tingly. On my temples (those things on the side of your head?) and, well, pretty much all over my body. It’s difficult to keep writing, it’s as if I… forgot. Oh, there’s the amnesia right there! This is incredible, dazzling, amazing, and the list goes on. Amnesia is the shit.

Alright, I need to continue this later.

I'm starting to come down a little bit and I'm rolling a joint. I’m also starting to remember more. I’ve browsed the internet’s most popular weed-related websites and posted God knows what, how, when, and why throughout the cyberspace. I’ll report back when I’m done with this j.

Forgot to smoke that j.

Pictured: Amnesia + a relaxing weekend

Yeah, it was a good weekend alright. Amnesia is truly worth the price. I recommend to buy it at the instant you spot it anywhere in the coffee shops, 'cause it's one of the rare treats only found by the lucky visitor. Smoking Amnesia is another level of toking compared to your regular strains, and definitely worth a try. It's an experience you'll never forget (...regardless of what the name suggests. Although I kinda forgot how to describe it more accurately. All I seem to remember was that it was like chillax squared). Okay, to summarize, it's going to get you stoned, and you're going to feel that warm stone resting inside your head.

Amnesia Haze (weed):
Stoned, Body, Mind-blowing
Overall: 5/5
Price: 2/5
Strength: 5/5
Mind: 5/5
Body: 5/5

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